Cool to be a Proud Parent

Standing with my husband, son, his best friend and his parents

If you’re a parent out there, you know it’s hard raising our young people. We want them to soar, excel, and accomplish great things. And if we’re honest we’re on them 24-7. Isn’t it a blessing when they have a great day?

Well last week, we took my son and his best buddy to a high school combine camp in Alabama. My son had been training for this workout for months. Not only did he and his friend compete hard, but out of approx. 200 football players they both won the only leadership awards given. I wish you could have seen them encouraging others, helping everyone and setting the pace.

I say all that to say, if you’re wishing your baby would get it together…don’t give up. Keep praying, keep pushing them and keep telling them they can be dynamic. The Lord is with us and the kids CAN and WILL make us proud.