Precious Faces makes You Smile

Book Signing at Thomasville Heights Elem.

Sometimes life is so busy and so much is left to do that being happy and smiling is the last thing on your mind. Thankfully, the Lord knows best and has a great sense of humor. The day I released my new title, A+ Attitude, I had an attiude that was D- at best. On my way to the school, I was rushing and got stopped by the cops. Oops.

Well, I told the wonderful female officer where I was going and remarkbaly she gave me a warning. When I got to the school I saw all these precious faces and my frustration turned to elation. The kids were so happy to see my new book and meet me. All the hugs and smiles I received made me know I’m doing just what God wants me to do with my life.

Take away point for you, in every situation there is a silverĀ lining so smile!


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