A Lova’ Like No Otha’

Zoe Clarke is a college-educated woman with a strong Christian foundation. On her wedding day, her college sweetheart dumps her for his pregnant girlfriend. After investing four years of her life in that relationship, she is devastated, with no job or apartment. In an attempt to get over the hurt, pain, and confusion, she finds consolation in her ex’s roommate and best man, Chase Farr. As he pursues his dream of being picked up by a pro football team, he is also committed to helping Zoe through her grief. Chase finally receives an offer, and as his friendship with Zoe grows so does their attraction for one another. Yet, Chase is committed to a life of celibacy, and Zoe’s efforts at seduction only succeed at damaging their relationship. As Zoe deals with other family issues, she finds strength in her faith and realizes that her future with or without Chase is not in her control.