I found some wonderfully exciting news on Dee’s Christian Fiction blog–drum roll, please–Stephanie Perry Moore’s Payton Skyy series of teen novels is being made into a series of Direct-to-DVD movies by Tyler Perry! This is great news!I’ve bought the Payton Skyy series several times over the years. I even bought it for my niece TWICE! She called me up and said, “Aunt Angela, you already gave me these books–years ago.” I admit to getting a little sheep-faced at that, but when I saw them in hardcover at Black Expressions, I had to buy them. Well, dIdn’t I? I recently purchased (around Thanksgiving, I think) Stephanie’s pre-teen series, Carmen Browne, for a younger niece (the aforementioned niece’s sister). To make up for giving the older niece the duplicate Payton Skyy books, I tossed in the first books from the Perry Skyy Jr. series, figuring she’d love a series about a boy. I realized today how long Stephanie Perry Moore has been writing young adult Christian fiction, particularly African-American young adult Christian fiction. She is truly the godmother of the genre. (Note she has at least one series, Laurel Shadrach, that stars a Caucasian pre-teen.) Come to think about it, Stephanie is a pioneer in African-American Christian fiction, in general, as her first book came out in 2000 when the genre was first starting. Congratulations to Stephanie! Let’s all be on the look-out for the DVDs. { read more }

In August, Tyler Perry will begin shooting a 3 Part Direct to DVD YA Christian Series, “Georgia Sky.” The DVDS are based on Atlanta Author, Stephanie Perry Moore’s Payton Skyy Christian Teen Novel Series. The movie is about two sixteen-year-old girls of different races who attend different highschools, but share the same faith and same city. { read more }

Of the three authors, Stephanie Perry Moore has written the majority of her books for children and teens. Visit her website and you will see what I mean. Don’t forget to check out her 28 Days Later spotlight as well. Stephanie is akin to a YA Christian fiction Meg Cabot with the number of series under her belt – Payton Skky, Perry Skky, Jr., Laurel Shadrach, Faith Thomas, Carmen Browne – and the list of series continue to grow.

Life has just begun to look up for Faith Thomas after all the problems she and her family have faced the past year. Faith thought that the New Year would be bliss and that nothing more could possibly go wrong, especially when she lives for God and is going into year nine. Her parents are back on the right track and her family was getting along just fine. But God wants her to face new lessons and they aren’t always easy ones to learn. Things start to go haywire, her friends start having problems and issues and they start to slowly drift away. When her mum needs Faith to help her modelling agency, Faith’s confidence starts to go down hill and quickly. During all of the dramas going on there are other little things that add to all of the stress that she has in her life, school grades, boys, cheerleading and some hidden talents. The Faith Thomas series are well written and after reading the first book I was not sure whether the sequel would as good, but as I started reading God wants you to shine I thought that it if anything it may be even better. Stephanie Perry Moore is a relatively new author to me and is one of the best I know. I love Faith’s character and the way that she manages to get through all of the difficulties that come her way and that she always relies on God to help her. She is just like a normal teenager that you would see passing you on the street, facing the same things and learning how to cope and to move on. God wants us to use are gifts for a good purpose and to always honour up to Him, like when Faith sings at the concert with her dad. She is singing for Him and helping everyone to see why she loves Him so much. ‘God Wants You to Shine’ is a perfect title for the book because that is exactly what He wants us to do, He wants us to shine in everything we do even the little things like school work. He wants us to do our best and to do it for Him in everything.